The Contemporary Home Of A Majestic Pre-War Rain Tree

The Contemporary Home Of A Majestic Pre-War Rain Tree

This example of contemporary architecture, designed by ONG ONG, stands within a vast lush green garden in Singapore. A colossal pre-war rain tree flourishes in its landscaped grounds with such magnificence that much of the architecture is designed around enjoying its presence, as well as other smaller and different species of tree. Whilst being completely sheltered and wrapped with modern indoor comfort, nature can still be observed and absorbed from throughout this home; calming encounters with nature are available through expanses of glazed walls that can be fully retracted for seamless connection. At sundown the mature garden is dramatically lit so that it can always be appreciated, even by night.

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The modern build stands two stories high, with an extra basement floor concealed from sight when at the front of the house. The home is raised slightly from ground level, settled on a level plane with the outdoor pool deck.

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The deck pushes up smoothly against the interior floor, promoting a seamless indoor-outdoor living experience when huge glazed doors are fully retracted. A bridge crosses a lap pool to allow straight passage from inside of the home over to the manicured garden lawn.

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The dwelling is clad with warm stained wood. A matching wooden fence marks its outer borders.

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Slatted wood panels give pause to a concrete and glass façade.

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A section of the ground has been cut away between the side of the house and the edge of the lap pool; this is a light well for basement rooms. This cutaway also allows the beautiful rain tree in the garden to be gazed up at from the subterranean level.

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Another stunning tree stands pride of place atop its own little hill at the edge of the pool deck.

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Glass spans the entire length of the first floor for an uninterrupted panoramic view over the grounds.

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To one side of the exterior there is a large modern garden sculpture.

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Decking runs along the back of the home also, as does the lawn, mature trees and shrubs.

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By night the dwelling appears as a beautiful lantern with internal light filtering through its sides.

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The garden is largely shielded from view at the entrance by a granite wall, but the interspersed panels create a series of slender open nooks to create a welcoming atmosphere.

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The rough texture of the granite contrasts well with the smoothness of concrete, wood and glass.

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A built in planter holds more greenery poolside.

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The basement opens out onto a lower section of the sloping garden, which effectively creates a secondary ground level. An outdoor bench here provides a quiet spot for reflection.

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Back at the front of the house we can see that interior furniture has been selected in muted colours to compliment exterior tones.

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A peep into the lounge reveals a spiral staircase – a shape that is reflected by the garden statue.

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The interior architectural staircase can be seen from the pool area.

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As we step inside the home from the garden, we enter a main living room where the spiral staircase leads to the top floor.

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In the centre of the living room is a unique coffee table that looks long enough to fit a few hundred cups of coffee on!

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The open wooden treads of the staircase design allow you to see all the way up and are reminiscent of the slatted wood panels along the exterior of the home.

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The sides of the staircase are solid, topped with a simple silver handrail.

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The staircase can be accessed directly from the main entrance to the home.

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The stairs are reflected in the glossy white floor treatment beneath.

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The kitchen also has a glossy white finish, covering cabinet fronts and countertops. A series of rich wooden cupboards match a built in dining table that butts up against the central island.

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Four wooden chairs flank the bespoke dining table, beneath an unusual cluster of dining pendant lights. A run of floor to ceiling white cupboards cover one whole wall of the kitchen diner.

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A serving hatch reveals a second kitchen area where the real cooking takes place, and the real mess can be kept out of plain sight.

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Up on the second floor we find the master bedroom. The placement of the home architecture provides a view of the garden and feature rain tree from all of the main spaces, including this one. A comfortable bedroom chair has been placed by the window to fully appreciate the panorama.

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An ensuite bathroom has a partition that separates it from the master bedroom’s walk-in closet. By drawing back the partition the space can be expanded, creating a generously sized boudoir. In this large wash space we also find adouble sink bathroom vanity unit and a screened off WC.

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A contemporary pedestal basin peeks out through wooden slats…

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… But is flanked by more dramatic granite.

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The smooth finish of the modern bathroom furniture contrasts beautifully with the rustic wall.

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The basement is dedicated to relaxation and entertainment, harbouring a movie room, a large multi-purpose hall and a spa room, plus its own outdoor barbecue area. After all this, there is still space for self-contained service quarters too. The light well brings in a view of the rain tree.

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Whilst we love a bit of faux deer head home decor, we hope these ones aren’t the real deal!

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At night the base of the pool is filled with a starry light installation.

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Architectural lighting allows all of the home to be admired and enjoyed into the small hours.

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