Dramatic Interior Architecture Meets Elegant Decor in Krakow

Dramatic Interior Architecture Meets Elegant Decor in Krakow

This beautiful Krakow home sparks the imagination with innovative interior architecture and a strong modernistic attitude, tempered in places by classic natural materials. Each perspective offers a unique visual experience with surprising details hiding around every corner. Designed by PLASTERLINA, this interior demonstrates the beauty of high contrast design – interior themes range from dark and atmospheric in some areas to bright and playful in others. Every room offers a different style to appreciate and enjoy, whether youre a fan of traditional design or stark and cutting minimalism.

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The living room looks out onto a verdant yard through a glass balcony, outfitted with glass rails to preserve the line of sight. Sophisticated decoration remains humble to avoid overshadowing the view.

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Unique interior architecture grows more intricate as the tour progresses – here, creative angles on the left meet a full-length mirror on the right to give the interior a mazelike appearance.

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Dark wood tones starkly transition to a white modernistic kitchen – we’ll take a closer look later.

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The color theme of the public areas consists of dark wood, light leather, and peaceful shades of blue. There’s also a hint of felt here and there – like the gorgeous Under the Bell lamp centered above the table.

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The office bravely breaks from the dark atmosphere of the main living volume. Bright teal and pink give this office an incredible spark of energy, sure to inspire the creative work that goes on at the desk.

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A large deer print emphasizes the accent colors and ensures balance throughout the room, rather than confining color to the lower half.

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The desk angles downward from the media center for better ergonomics and crawls up the wall on the other side, terminating in a handy bookshelf.

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In the bedroom, rich wood cladding and walls of curtains reflect the theme used in the main living spaces but with a darker and moodier appeal.

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Simple furniture allows the rich materials to take center stage. Here, Tom Dixon’s Copper Shade lamps illuminate the famous Backenzahn side tables by Philipp Mainzer.

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Nothing in this home is restricted to eye-level. Everything from the storage to the curtains and even this plush headboard reach toward the ceiling.

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Back in the main living area, this angle perfectly demonstrates the use of color blocking to give each functional space its own distinctive boundaries: leather in the living room, blue at the dining table, and white in the kitchen.

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Now for a look at the kitchen in detail – diagonal wood beams overlap with white panels facing the opposite direction, creating a deep sense of visual drama within its straight enclosure.

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Color blocking affects the kitchen too: dark wood marks the breakfast counter, transitioning to pristine white floors where the work surfaces begin.

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Every angle reveals a different interaction between elements. It’s a dynamic design that dazzles the eye and engages the mind.

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Even the lighting cords contribute to the sense of movement.

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The only thing symmetrical about the kitchen is the perfect central alignment of the island.

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With so many spectacular features, it’s easy to miss the details that make this home charming through-and-through. Note the forest silhouette painting at the left in the hallway, and the textural accent wall straight ahead.

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Like the rest of the home, the entryway makes creative use of color to highlight each transition. Bright white floors and a vivid blue bench seat add character to a space that many homes neglect.

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Mirrors again fascinate the eye in unexpected places.

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The home has two bathrooms, each with a different style. This one is light and natural, decked out in white and wood within walls of textural stone tile.

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The second bathroom takes a slightly bolder approach. Black tiles make a strong first impression, with a bright blue pendant light adding a dash of color above the vanity.

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It’s hard not to love these open-yet covered shelves popping up in modern homes lately. They’re great for grabbing a towel without getting the cabinets or drawers wet.

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