Super Luxury Singapore Apartment With In-Room Car Parking

Super Luxury Singapore Apartment With In-Room Car Parking

Car enthusiasts will adore the hi-tech Hamilton apartments, situated on swanky Orchard Road in Singapore, that come complete with integrated showcase-style car parking area, which you can admire right from your living room armchair!

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Thanks to specially designed elevators, it is possible to transport your precious vehicle from street level to one of the upper level dwellings after completing a biometric security check of fingerprint or iris scan. Because one parking space just isn’t enough, an apartment with two parking spaces will cost you a cool 7.5 million dollars, or you could go the whole hog and house four precious engines in a penthouse suite at a grand total of $24 million.

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In a city where car parking space is severely limited, Singapore’s superfluous supercar owners think the expense is worth it, allowing them to keep a watchful gaze over their pricey rides, with the bonus of being able to admire them-and have their guests admire them-from the comfort of the living area.

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The 30-storey skyscraper made up of 56 apartments was built by KOP Properties, who not only enable homeowners to admire their car despite being 100 meters above the ground with what developers have dubbed ‘ensuite garages’, but have also included swimming pools, play pools, jacuzzis and a gym.

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