Top to Toe Ceramic Tiles

Top to Toe Ceramic Tiles

This stylish range of fresh ceramic tile designs, from Italys FapCeramiche, splashes new vigor and joie de vivre in our homes. Ceramic tiles arent just for the kitchen floor or the bathroom walls, tiles are en vogue throughout living and dining areas, hallways and even bedrooms.

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The benefits of cool tiling have long been recognized by those who live in especially warm climates, but have long been seen as a rather cold option for inhabitants of chillier shores, though with the developments made in toasty underfloor-heating options, the hard wearing finish should no longer pose a problem for cold toes.

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Beautiful ceramic floors and wall coverings like these work in any kind of space, big or small, and bring huge benefits in hygiene as well as stunning style; the beautiful sheen and luster that makes this d├ęcor choice so appealing is also what makes it fully washable.

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Modern collections like this offer wallpaper-like patterns to create a chic yet cozy atmosphere when used across a vertical expanse, whilst decorative floor tiles can bring all of the interest that a rug brings to a room, whilst allowing the entire floor to be cleaned without the need to move-or trip on-a mat.

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